Setting it straight….


I have heard one to many times that people refer to Rafiki from the Lion King
as to a Baboon. Well, as much as I respect baboons  , I dont think it would be fair to let them claim Rafiki to their race. That would be like claiming Polar bears comg from Polland. No, my friends RAFIKI IS A MANDRILL. One of the most exquisitley colored  species of primates, the Mandrill’s fur looks as though it rolled around in a rainbow.


Yes, its butt is pink and blue. But do not be fooled by the girly colors- that color scheme is a major object of desire both by females and males in the hordes of Mandrills. Just like the girl in high school with the shiniest hair – the most colorful tooshie becomes the alpha male amongst the Mandrills.  Leading through the jungle, the alpha male walks in front of the horde , using its colorful hinny as a flag to follow.


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