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“Old Grey”

In a troop of 40 macaques, this elder female still reigns supreme.
Though she gently takes the pear tree leaves from my hand (Note to all : NEVER HAND FEED A WILD ANIMAL, NO MATTER HOW CUTE AND FLUFFY/TAME IT LOOKS ), the battle scars on her delicate withered face tell a story of struggle to stay on the top of the group hierarchy.
Complying to standard conduct, the others of the troop are observing her in this moment from a distance, not daring to come closer, knowing the consequences of intruding upon the alpha female’s first reap of goods.


Survival of the (not so) fittest


One of the residents of the baby monkey daycare, the inhabitants of which are infants who , for various unfortunate  reasons, are no longer in the care of their mothers.

Although having undergone a transradial (forearm ) amputation at such an early age , this  infant macaque  had learned to live with his condition , not falling behind on acquiring skills such as climbing and swinging off branches , which he enjoys to do.


You go baby monkey.

Baby Hamadryas Baboon.




Less on the stress…

Primates have excellent immune systems,  (for instance the chimpanzees being  seemingly  immune to Malaria), but sometimes stress alone can be fatal to a monkey .