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Baby orangutan takes a nap from monkey buisnessing.

Baby orangutan takes a nap from monkey buisnessing.

Because hey, being that adorable can be pretty exhausting.


The poster child for primate physical fitness.

This baby orangutan in the Moscow Zoo practices everyday , so that one day he can climb up the hierarchy ladder as easily as he does up that rope.

babyorg1 babyorg2


 Stay fit my friends. 

Kodak moments :A family portrait, Mandrill edition.

Kodak moments :A family portrait, Mandrill edition.

If mandrills had mantlepieces,this one would defiantly go up as the perfect Kodak “family photo” moment.
To the right : Father mandrill displays his affection by allogrooming his juvenile (a social activity in primates that affirms family and friendly bonds, as well as good hygiene)
To the left: Mama mandrill doesn’t slack on her parental duties either, as we see her sitting and breastfeeding her baby, so that it can grow up to be a strong and healthy monkey.

A+ to these parents.