The one Orangutan fact that blew me off the branch….and I’m not that easily shaken off it.


Here it is: ORANGUTANS.LOVE.CHICKEN. Yes, chicken. Boiled. Skinless. CHICKEN.

But the  preferences don’t stop at just that- Sumatran Orangutans will eat only white meat, while Borneos have a penchant for thighs. This honestly, was news to me. I was so astonished by this revelation provided to me by the orangutan keeper I was working with that I almost nicked my finger with the kitchen knife ( preparing lunch for the Loris and Galagos). I knew that primates were indeed far from vegetarians ( almost excluding Gorillas, which devour mostly greens by the pounds, another interesting tidbit). BUT ORANGUTANS?! CHICKEN?!Go figure.

I’m still digesting that information…






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