Hello, my name is Anya.


Since I first saw Rafiki in the Lion King, I was enchanted by the whole concept of the primate. The more learned about these magnificent creatures, the more I became enchanted. I am currently in my 4th year of becoming a veterinarian, but my main specialty will be in primates. Last year, I traveled to the Russian Institute of Primate Medicine to work at their clinic in the morning (part of my veterinary practice requirement) and stare at monkeys (because I believe that the best way to understand a creature is by observing it just be ) until they literally had to force me out due to to closing time (though my dedication and passion were complimented, and sometimes scolded but hey, Its not my fault a pigtailed macaque would allow me to handfeed him and they were not on that level).

This summer I convinced the lovely management at the Primate House in the Moscow Zoo to allow me to further my knowledge and experience in Monkey matters, so I am currently working in any and every department that they allow me to but mainly, the “Nightworld” exhibit, where I have befriended Plushy the Slow Loris  and gained a whole new appreciation for the prosimians in general. 

“Why monkeys?” – everyone I know have asked me this question (the answer to which is me going in to “Animal Planet Mode” in which I start talking 500 words a minute about the intricacies of primate social behavior and my deep fascination with the constructed chirps and vocalizations that compose the Tamarin language.) .This website is basically the answer to the question “why them?”-

Leaders, hunters, donors, entertainers, companions and even …astronauts? Your thinking -Alexander the Great, Buffalo Bill, Sinatra, Neil Armstrong? Think again! I m talking about Mandrills, African Green Monkeys, Baboons ,Chimpanzees and Miss Baker, the first Squirrel Monkey to go to space. They have intricate social structures. Various exquisite physical appearances. Adaptation mechanisms that would make Bear Grylls turn green from envy. The list goes on and on. Primates are an extraordinary and entertaining species-come and discover it yourself! Because ,no matter how human – we always have time for some MonkeyBuiznezz!


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