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My buddy the Northern pigtail macaque (dubbed Baba by myself)

When I would go to the capuchin cages right next to his to feed them treats (a bribe so I could observe them without them thinking of me as a enemy), he would go to the side of his cage and watch me , trying to figure out what I was doing, and why wasn’t I giving him treats? The reason to that was that this primate in life has a very intimidating pressence and I already had previously gotten my hand almost pulled off by a fluffy little stump tailed macaque, so I wasnt going to take any chances with this one. But the adventurous gene of mine got the best of me, and so I approached his cage in a very calm and cautious manner, with my the treats in my open palm visible to him. I slowly laid the treats in front of him on his little platform, from where he cautiously took one and after sniffing it, ate it. He outstreched his hand , signaling he wanted to be handfed (as I did with the capuchins)but knowing better I did’nt. We proceeded in such an exchange for the next two days, and on the third one ,(against all my common senses) I carefully extended him the treat to his hand, which to my suprise, he took very gently and , no exagerations, gracefully.
After that, we have become great buds and he evern let me pet him on the head once.
This was one of the most thrilling and amazing moments in my life.