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Brown mantled tamarins running around me freely in a garden… pinch me I’m dreaming…

Worked hard in proving that Im not a completely worthless human being and was given the chance to take on the “Winter Garden” of the Moscow Zoo. Two Brown Mantled tamarins were running free up in the garden (I really love my life currently) but were quite cautious of coming close to me. So I stood silent and motionless for two minutes too see if one would come down and my tactic worked. Though he kept a safe distance (naturally) curiosity got the best of the braver of the two and I got to get a closer look at this absolutely adorable bear-like primate. The chirping sounds you hear are not birds in the background, but actually coming from the tamarins, who are known to have several distinct vocalizations which they use to communicate with each other. I found it interesting (as I have witnessed the different sounds of a Cotton Top Tamarin (picture below), that there is a slight. yet distinct variation in the tone of voice between the two.

tamarinCOTTON -TOP TAMARIN (Saguinus oedipus) 


Also, since I was given the task of “Improvement of Living conditions” , i.e cleaning their cages, I thought it would be a good idea to also give a nice touch of dew to the various plants that were in the garden, creating a “Rainforest after ¬†spring shower climate” by slightly misting the plants with my hose. Let me tell you- the difference in the air was quite noticeable- fresher, slightly humid, just as though I was transported straight in to the Amazon, minus the countless mosquitos and snakes.